Beta Program

As a beta tester, you’ll be the first to get access to these onboarding features and try them out in your games.

We just ask that you stay in touch to let us know how you’ve used the features, and share any feedback or ideas you come up with. We’ll reach out about once a week for a month via email, Discord, and/or Zoom following the release to hear from you.

Once you fill out the form, look out for an email confirming your acceptance into the beta program, and stay tuned for the first release!

The Beta Release

Our first beta release includes email/social login and gasless transactions. These features will help you quickly onboard players who are new to crypto, or just get users quickly playing your game without complexity upfront.

The beta release includes support for Web3Auth, an industry-leading web2 login solution for blockchain applications. We provide simple APIs to access Web3Auth’s features within Unity, as well as a customizable UI template to show how buttons can be wired up to trigger reads or writes.

We’ve also included support for Gelato, a relaying service that allows you as the game developer to pre-load cryptocurrency to sponsor transactions for your users, so that they don’t have to pay gas for transactions themselves (AKA “gasless” transactions). This speeds up the process of getting players to make real blockchain transactions in a game (for example, claiming NFTs they win), since they don’t have to deal with purchasing cryptocurrency to use as gas first.

These onboarding features are built on top of our newest SDK (version 2.5), which includes a far more scalable and modular architecture. This means you’ll be able to swap components quickly, do all reads/writes fully client-side without relying on any APIs from ChainSafe, and even make your own custom components to swap in.

We’re excited to see how you’ll use these new tools to bring web3 gaming to a wider audience!

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