Let's decentralize Loot Boxes

Amplify your user base, fund your roadmap, reduce acquisition costs, and champion a new era where players don't just engage – they own. 


Strategize your blockchain game development

A loot box is a virtual item in games that contains other randomized in-game items. By providing randomized in-game rewards like skins, outfits, or weapons, developers can amplify player excitement, encourage continuous play, and introduce exclusive content opportunities.

Configure Loot Box-1

Focus on the game and let our technology handle the logistics.

ChainSafe Gaming, coupled with web3.unity, provides an out-of-the-box solution that eliminates the complexities of auditing smart contracts or mainnet launches.

Our commitment? Ensuring every loot box is transparent and consistently fair, boosting player trust and satisfaction.

Open Loot Box (Dashboard)

Maximize your acquisition strategy through loot boxes

Pre-launch Engagement

Utilize loot boxes to create early buzz around your game.

Resource Mobilization

Garner and control initial funding, ensuring your game's development.

Community Building

Attract players with ownership via decentralized loot boxes.

Tell us about your game and get a chance to win some loot boxes!